I.E.S. “Virgen de la Cabeza” Marmolejo

The current I.E.S. “Virgen de la Cabeza” opened in 1961 as a center for training farmers. Its original name was “Farm school” and taught about agriculture..
In 1965 it began to give specialized courses for professionals and agro-livestock sector in order to raise the technical level of agriculture.
With the LOGSE law (1992-1993) started vocational training cycles, Secondary Education
and was renamed as: “IES Virgen de la Cabeza”. Today in our center you can enjoy several differentareas: areas of classrooms, sport facilities, big areas for farm and areas for agricultural practices.
We have several computer rooms where we can find information or teach. Internet connection is avalaible throughout the center.In the assemblyhall we usually perform many actions such as theaters, visit to different people or different lectures forstudent at the highschool.
We have numerous classes each for different courses, several laboratories, drawing areas, sport facilities andmany more kinds of different subjects.

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