Active since 1963, our highschool is situated near the border between Romania and Bulgaria, on the Danube River. "Nicolae Balcescu" Highschool has mainly technical and economical profiles, but it also includes other profiles such as foreign languages, mathematics-informatics, chemistry-biology, social science studies.
Along the years, we have registered great results with our students in national and international competitions. In addition to a diploma, the graduate students are given Computer Studies, Accountant, Technical, English and French certificates accredited by The Ministry of National Education, depending on the profile they have attended. There are specialised equipped laboratories for each profile and we offer students the opportunity to learn using the newest technology (Internet, video projectors, realia).
It is the largest highschool in the area, having seven separate buildings, where the students develop their activities- three buildings with laboratories and classrooms, a gym, a ceremony hall with the school kitchen, two buildings with workrooms for the students from the technical profile.

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