CPL Training
CPL is an international training company and the biggest provider of personal licence training in the UK


Personality Testing
The students did a personality test to discover their personality with the help of psychology



  Team Building Skills
The students, divided into mixed group, had to build a structure that would stand on the floor, using baloons. The game aimed at improving interpersonal relations and social interactions, achieving results, meeting goals and accomplishing tasks


Apprenticeship or University?
The students heard a lecture about the importance of apprenticeship, a good way to earn some money while you are learning. It's very common in the UK

 Mock Interview Preparation
The students heard a lecture about interview techniques, body language and attitudes. A teacher explained the DOs and DON'Ts of an interview. A skit was performed to show how an interview should not be done.

                                        Mock Interview 
The students were involved in mock interview with teachers and managers. They had to explain their CV, to show their attitudes and skill, and perform as if they were really looking for a specific dream job. After the interview they received a feedback.

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