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  13-19 MARCH 2016

           The last stage of the Erasmus project was France, which welcomed in Colmar, Alsace, delegations of students and teachers of the other six countries involved in the project: Spain, Greece, UK, Turkey, Romania and Italy.

           The cultural exchange was lively in this borderland, where traditions of French and German culture interchange. The welcome of the Lyceum "Camille See" proved up to all that had been organised and offered by all schools in previous trips. It was not an easy task, given the richness of activities and experiences that each country has been able to offer during these two intense years.
During the French trip we visited several places of great historical and artistic interest, some significant local economic realities, such as Lisbeth mineral water factory, along with museums of particular interest like the famous Cité de l'Automobile at Mulhouse.

          The visit to the European Parliament in Strasbourg was undoubtedly the most significant moment of the week: the day began with a white balloons drop in the square in front of Parliament, symbolically representing the students’ dreams for the future.

         The project sponsor Madame Anne Sander, MEP, received delegations and listened to the presentation of the Manifesto with sincere participation, summarizing the results of the work done by all countries on the theme of the project, with a great spirit of collaboration.
There was talk about the economic crisis and the responses that the school has to give not to disappoint the expectations and dreams of this generation, for future inclusion in the workforce. Students Andrea Moscatiello and Massimiliano Venezia have brilliantly represented ITIS " Leonardo da Vinci".
The words of the project Anthem were sung with great emotion by all, students and teachers together, accompanied on violin by a Greek Professor. These words remain to seal the hopes for the future that these young European students had the courage to express: "Our wish for the future is to live a life, a creative life and to make a better world for our nations to be proud".

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